USCG Station Dulac
Dulac, LA

  • USCG Station Dulac ANT is a new 2-story 16,400 square foot essential facility designed to withstand Category IV hurricane wind and storm surges.
  • The facility is located in the lower marshes of South Louisiana and is supported on a deep foundation system consisting of precast concrete piles and cast-in-place concrete grade beams.
  • The flood prone level of the structure has cast-in-place concrete columns and shear walls as well as masonry break-away walls.
  • The inhabited level of the structure utilizes a galvanized steel frame with a composite steel and concrete deck, masonry walls and cold formed metal roof trusses.
  • The facility is designed to be self sustaining following a hurricane event and includes an 8,000 gallon propane tank support and anchor platform.


A secondary structure on the project is a 100 square foot flammable/explosive material storage building for flares and signal devices.

Architect: Eley Guild Hardy Associates


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